Spud Webb in Pony and Muggsy Bogues in Converse

Standing at 5′ 7″, Spud Webb is most known for winning the 1986 Dunk Contest, in which he beat his own teammate Dominique Wilkins. Notably on his feet during that event were low top versions of the Pony City Wings, a model so popular that it has been retroed a few times. Spud’s career went beyond that one accolade. Drafted in the 4th round (yeah 4th round) by the Pistons, many still predicted he would end up on the Harlem Globetrotters. However, he found a home on the Atlanta Hawks alongside superstar Wilkins. He rocked Pony, wearing other models besides the City Wings.

Scott Skiles in Nike Air Force STS and Spud Webb in Mizuno
Spud Webb in Mizuno

During the end of his career with the Hawks, Spud could be seen wearing another brand, Mizuno. Yeah you read that right, the company that makes primarily running and baseball gear put their hat into basketball for a while. Mizunos were on Spud’s feet as he transitioned to the Sacramento Kings. Maybe the Mizunos helped as his years in Sacramento were his best statistically. Eventually, that partnership ended and Spud started wearing the most popular basketball brands, Jordan and Nike. He wore them as his career ended in Sacramento and during his twilight years back in Atlanta. He also rocked them for short periods in Minnesota and Orlando.

Spud Webb in Air Jordan 10

Spud is now 52 years old and he may not have his 42″ vertical anymore, but just a few years ago he showed us he still has some spring in his step.

Or not. Happy 52 Spud.

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