Derek Fisher Game Tying 3-Pointer Game 4 2009 NBA Finals

As he is probably preparing for the upcoming NBA Draft, Derek Fisher should think about better times, specifically 6 years ago today when he helped the Lakers beat the Orlando Magic during game 4 of the 2009 NBA Finals. Known for making a big shot or two in his career, he may have played for a number of teams during his career but his most fruitful was wearing the purple and gold.

Nike Power Max “Derek Fisher” P.E. Photo via PlaiO

During that game the Lakers were trailing the hometeam Magic 87-84 with the game coming to a close. Kobe time right? He was having a heck of a game and rocking some fresh Zoom Kobe IV’s that game. Well apparently Fisher didn’t get the gameplan and felt like he wanted to take matters into his own hands. Kobe makes a pass to Trevor Ariza who then pushes up the floor with a pass to Fisher at about half-court. He dribbles up to a few feet behind the 3-point line with Jameer Nelson guarding him. With no hesitation he pulls up and knocks down the 26-footers to tie it up and push the game to overtime.

During extra time with the game knotted up at 91-91 Fisher once again hit a clutch 3-pointer in his special Nike Power Max P.E.’s. The Lakers would go on to win the game 99-91, winning the 2009 championship the next game.

Derek Fisher in Nike Power Max P.E.

In his 13 years in Los Angeles, which included five titles, Fisher compiled an impressive resume of clutch shots. But besides the 0.4 second buzzer beater against the Spurs, this 2009 Finals game hitting big 3-pointers in his sweet Power Maxes is his most memorable.

Kobe Bryant in Nike Zoom Kobe IV “Finals” and Derek Fisher in Nike Power Max P.E.

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