Larry Bird Leads Celtics to NBA Championship with Triple Double

Today In Sneaker History: Larry Bird’s Weapons Outlast the Rockets

Larry Bird Leads Celtics to NBA Championship with Triple DoubleAnd you thought LeBron’s triple double last night was impressive? Peep the video below. Larry Bird. Larry Legend. Maybe it’s me, but it seems like you never see superstars diving for loose balls anymore.Larry LEGEND Bird

If you get to about 2 minutes in, after the ridiculous fadeaways, reverse layups, behind the back passes and steals, you can see Larry Bird, straight up scrappin! And he even gets on some of teammates, which is what really makes him a legend, the ability to lead.

It's nothing to a boss.

In 1986, Larry Bird was wearing the most iconic of ’80s sneakers, the Converse Weapon. He would finish with 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists to lead the Celtics to their 16th NBA Championship.

The bonus in this video is all the legendary footwear, Weapons, Big Nikes, Olajuwons, Reeboks, you name it. Also, shouts to Boston fans for storming the court after the win.

Larry Bird Towel Whips to Celebrate NBA Finals Win

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