Today, my friend Jae Sung and I were discussing the adidas Superstar “Supercolor Pack” from adidas and Pharrell. Full disclosure, I think the Supercolor Pack is incredibly genius and Superstars (preferably the “80s” toebox) are one of my favorite sneakers. Now that we got that out of the way, there is one problem with the Supercolor Pack. There’s too many!

Really though, there are so many that it makes choosing the color that you want difficult. But that’s also what I think is so genius about it. Deep down, I want to buy every single one and sit in the middle of them circled around me like Pharrell. But for now, I’ll have to be patient because I’ve kind of run out of room. But what inspired all these thoughts was Jae asking how many black and white Superstars I own.

The answer: I don’t know. That sounds crazy, I know. But every time a new version comes out, I want them. I know I have a handful, from Neighborhood, Undefeated, Run DMC, 80s toes, Superstar IIs, X-Large, etc. But do Pro Models count? You get my point. 35 of the 45 years the adidas Superstar has been around, I’ve been alive. For probably 20-25 of those years, Superstars have been on my radar and readily available (most of the time) just like a number of other sneakers.

But with that said, there is something about Superstars to me that makes them different. Like the adidas campaign, it’s not all the things that are now seen as what makes someone a “superstar” but for me, they really do make me feel some type of way. Whether it’s no laces, fat laces, Velcro or some other type of way to wear Supersatars, when I slip on a fresh pair of Shelltoes I feel like a superstar and the little kid inside of me, who still dreams of being a superstar, takes over and has the grown man dancing all over the hardwood floors in my house as I get ready for my day.

So maybe I am not a superstar, but until putting on a new pair doesn’t give me that feeling, I’ll keep buying fresh pairs and smiling about the feeling it gives me.


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