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Often referenced as one of the best players to never win a championship, the “Round, Mound of Rebound” aka Charles Barkley is a winner in our hearts. Every week he’s still part of the NBA conversation thanks to being an integral piece of TNT’s Inside the NBA. As an analyst he might not know all the stats, correct names or make the best predictions, but Chuck’s straight-forwardness and personality makes him unique. The same qualities made him a popular player when he played and is a key reason on why the original “Dream Team” was successful on and off the court.

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These qualities made him a key focus of Nike when he played and who is still his sponsor today. He may have started his career in Philadlphia and built his resume there, but his time for the Phoenix Suns was just as fruitful. Teaming up with the likes of Kevin Johnson and “Thunder” Dan Majerle, Barkley would win a MVP award and lead the Suns to the NBA Finals. But there he met Michael Jordan and the Bulls who needed 6 games to dispatch the Suns.

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Although he was only there from 1992 to 1996 his impact on the Suns was huge. The accomplishments and excitement he brought to the organization is still there to this day. Even though he left for Houston to try and win a title, Barkely always loved Phoenix. So much so that he even resides there today. So it was no surprise to see the Suns honor Chuck and raise his #34 to the rafters.

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