Whether it be the Bulls, Knicks, Hawks, Warriors, Blazers or even now the Clippers, Jamal Crawford always brought his ‘A’ game.

The native Seattle baller was one of the highly touted players recruited out of high school, Rainier Beach, and chose to become a Michigan Wolverine. After about a year, J.Crossover jumped into the league drafted 8th by the Cleveland Cavaliers but traded to the Chicago Bulls on draft day. Although his he struggled with his shot early in his career, it never deterred him from being able to get his shot off. After a four-year stint with the Bulls, Jamal was then traded to the rebuilding Knicks (for 4 years also).  While the Knicks struggled, J.Crossover was a joy to watch, while endorsing the Reebok S.Carter line.

Jamal Crawford playing for the Chicago Bulls Photo via: Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty Images
Jamal Crawford on the New York Knicks – Photo via: Sipkin/News

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