Rick Barry in Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Sports Illustrated Cover

When you are a career 89% free throw shooter you would think that others would swallow their pride and follow your example. But sadly Rick Barry’s style has been copied by very few, even though it’s been proven to be effective (come on DeAndre Jordan!). Still you know Barry’s swag was on a 1000%. It had to be with his unorthodox free throw shot, short-shorts and fresh kicks.

Like many during the time period he started off rocking Converse and the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star on court. But as the ABA was absorbed into the NBA he eventually made the switch to the three stripes. With adidas he is most known for wearing the Top Ten, which he helped to create. But he was also seen in various low-tops as well.

Rick Barry adidas Top Ten Ad Photo via defynewyork

With the Golden State Warrriors during time in the ABA and then to the NBA, Barry helped the team win the 1974-75 Championship, also the last time GSW raised the trophy. Although he didn’t finish his career with Golden State that is the team he is most tied to. To commemorate his career there in 1988 the Warriors retired his #24 and raised it into the rafters.

Adidas should try and throw a pair of Top Ten’s up there next to the jersey since they are sponsoring the Rick Barry Bobblehead night on March 23rd.


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