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15 Sneakers To Wear For St. Patrick's Day

15 Sneakers To Wear For St. Patrick’s Day

Air Jordan 13 "Ray Allen"

Air Jordan 13 “Ray Allen”

After Ray Allen had been traded to the Celtics from the now defunct Seattle Supersonics team, there was excitement in the sneaker community for the chance for Jordan Brand to create new P.E. colorways for one of their longest tenured members. Seeing Ray wear this pair as he broke the all time 3-point record is symbolic, not only to the greatness of the player but the brand as well. This particular model was quite limited, seeing only a few stores in the US and worldwide have a release. Not out of line with some of the more classic colors of this model, what makes this pair stand out is his signature logo found on the tongue. The jump-shooting silhouette leading to his signature is a nod to the first name basis this player is recognized for.

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