“You cannot be serious!”

John McEnroe’s day are a lot tamer since his professional tennis days, nowadays he gets cushy gigs like being an assistant coach to the NBA Celebrity game. But Johnny Mac still announces tennis matches and sports the Swoosh. A long time Nike member McEnroe is known for his time wearing the Air Trainer 1, Challenge Court and of course the Mac Attack (Nike, retro please).

McEnroe was one of the bad boys of tennis and brought that United States bravado to the tennis courts. You could argue his rebellious style and personality lead to some of Nike’s other ad campaigns *hint* “I am not a role model.” He was also a big proponent of the cross-training movement and is one of Phil Knight’s favorite athletes. We wish the brash New Yorker a happy birthday, as he helped bring Nike and tennis much-needed attention that transitioned into Agassi, Sampras and other dominant Americans in the 90’s.

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