Dominique Wilkins - 21 Dunk Street Poster - Costacos Brothers

Today In Sneaker History: Dominique Wilkins Becomes ATL’s Number 1

Dominique Wilkins, in my mind, will forever be the greatest player the Atlanta Hawks franchise will ever see. I say this, not because 22 years ago today he became the all time leading scorer for Atlanta by dropping a cool 34 against the Sonics (RIP), but rather, because of all the highlights that weren’t seen. How could a man that scores so much be so underrated?His 26,668 points lands him at number 12 on the all time NBA scoring list. His battles with Michael Jordan are well documented. Michael Jordan even called him his greatest rival at one point. But Dominique was one of the greatest rivals to EVERY superstar of the era. This Youtube video is proof. His on court performances earned him the nickname, The Human Highlight Film. But the fact that he played in an era alongside Michael Jordan actually hurt Wilkins in the long run. ‘Nique might have been the best player in the league had he played in another time but the thing that makes ‘Nique the greatest Atlanta Hawk of all time, is his dedication and emotional attachment to the franchise…


And that “21 Dunk Street” poster doesn’t hurt the argument either…

Dominique Wilkins - 21 Dunk Street Poster - Costacos Brothers

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