Vince Carter in Nike Show BB4 dunking over was 7’2″ Frenchman Frederic Weis

Vince Carter was, and still is, the man. You know he’s someone special when he has multiple nicknames; “Vinsanity,” “Air Canada,” and “Half-Man, Half-Amazing.” Another product of the University of North Carolina it is still a wonder how Jordan Brand never snatched him up. Throughout his career he wore a few different brands but he is most remembered for the AND1 Tai Chi’s he wore during the incredible 2000 Slam Dunk Contest and the Nike Shox BB4 which he wore while throwing down during the “Dunk of Death” during the Summer Olympics.

His emergence in the league brought excitement to the Toronto Raptors, as his athleticism was showcased each and every game. Over time, age and injuries have taken their toll on Carter’s body like anyone else. But he has transformed his game from a high flyer to being able to knock down 3 pointers and still throw it down every now and then. 38 now, we probably won’t see Vince throwing down that much more often, but hopefully before he goes he gets a ring. But for now he’s just hoping to “not look old.”


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