Nowadays Brent “Bones” Barry is a well respected and staple figure on, but the former NBA player had a healthy playing career as well. Ending his career in 2009, Barry finished his NBA life with two NBA Championships courtesy of Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. But for sneakerheads Barry’s crowning achievement was in 1996 when he was the surprise winner of the Slam Dunk Contest. His coming out moment came when the then-second year player did his best MJ impression and took off from the free throw line, TWICE! He rocked some sweet Nike Air Zoom Flight 95’s in white and red to match his Clippers gear including his warmup’s that he kept on during the dunk. Although he wore Nike, adidas and Reebok on his many NBA stops the Zoom Flights were probably his career sneaker highlight.

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