It’s a safe bet that most of you reading this have no memories of 3-time NBA All Star and former #1 overall draft pick in the 1981 draft, Mark Aguirre. Fact is, he is older than most sneaker enthusiasts can even recall. But, if being an All Star isn’t enough to put him on your radar, perhaps the fact that he starred in one of the most important Converse commercials of all time, will make you reconsider. While most memories of the Converse Weapon are filled with magazine scans of the Magic Vs Bird advertisement, back in the day, Aguirre was just as much a star as Isaiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer and Bernard King. Check out the Converse Weapon commercial below and remember when those white and green Converse Weapons come back around again, they weren’t created for Larry, they were created for Mark Aguirre. He’s even got a couple of championship rings and over 18,000 career points and a 20 points per game career average to his name.


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