There is no doubt Under Armour is one of the fastest growing companies in the sneaker business. They went from never creating sneakers before, to 2nd in market share in both football and baseball in just 4 years. Despite Nike having a complete stranglehold on basketball shoes, UA launched its basketball sneaker line on October 10th, 2010, beginning with the Micro G line, which included four models, the Micro G Fly, Micro G Blur, Micro G Lite and Brandon Jennings signature, the Micro G Black Ice.

4 years later, Under Armour still has a ways to go to catch The Swoosh but they made incredible waves this September by nearly signing superstar Kevin Durant. Although KD returned to Nike, the statement was made. Under Armour is a legitimate player in the basketball footwear world now. Ironically, some 4 years since they launched the UA Basketball line in 2010.

Under Armour Micro G Black Ice, Blur, Fly, and Lite Circa 2010

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