Tequila wasn’t the only shot going down on Cinco De Mayo as LeBron nailed a buzzer-beating running shot to defeat the Toronto Raptors this past Saturday. It was his second game winning shot of the 2018 Playoffs; both shots were “I am the greatest” statements from James. Critics historically love bringing up the notion that LeBron doesn’t have the “clutch gene” but since 2011’s Finals (the peak of LeBron hating and questioning his greatness) he’s shown everyone he can deliver in crunch time. It’s easy to say “he’s missed a lot of game winners” or “he passes to often at the end of games”, but Jordan and Kobe both missed more game winners than they ever made and passing the ball is an instinctual strength of LeBron’s play style. Lets give the ‘LeBron Haters’ out there a brief refresher of The King’s best Playoff buzzer-beaters and the shoes he rocked during each shot.

5. Game 2 of ECF vs Orlando, 2009

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Shoe: Nike Zoom LeBron Solider 3

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4. Game 1 of ECF vs Indiana, 2013

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Shoe: LeBron X PS PE

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3. Game 4 of ECS vs Chicago, 2015

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Shoe: LeBron 12 PE

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2. Game 5 EC1st Round vs Indiana, 2018

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Shoe: LeBron XV PE

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1. Game 3 ECS vs Toronto, 2018

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Shoe: LeBron XV

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