The Comprehensive History of Tracy McGrady adidas Sneakers

Tracy McGrady wearing the adidas Lithicon PE, Vince Carter in And1 Tai Chi
Tracy McGrady wearing the adidas Lithicon PE, Vince Carter in And1 Tai Chi
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Tracy McGrady, at one point, was arguably better than Kobe Bryant. Despite Kobe’s latest opinion on the matter, he once claimed T-Mac was the toughest player he’d ever played against. In case you didn’t know, the two have a history. They came up together on a similar path, including the adidas ABCD Basketball Camps, that eventually led to both signing with the Three Stripes. T-Mac developed into a better player early but due to injuries, lacked the longevity that Kobe has had over the years.

Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant at the adidas ABCD Basketball Camp

T-Mac was one of the few players that seemed to find success anywhere and any time on the court. The 7-time NBA All Star led the league in scoring in back to back seasons in 2003 and 2004 and finished his career with 18,381 Points (19.6 ppg), 5,276 Rebounds (5.6 rpg) and 4,161 Assists (4.4 apg).

Seeing the numbers, it’s still surprising to see T-Mac as one of the most underrated signature sneaker athletes, especially considering the obvious amount of respect he gets from other NBA superstars and the fact that he was adidas’ pinnacle athlete at one time. The always present argument that players can only truly build a following and legacy by sticking with 1-2 teams throughout their career is undoubtedly valid when it comes to Tracy McGrady’s fanbase. He played for the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and San Antonio Spurs. However, fans in China seem to have stuck with T-Mac through thick and thin.

That said, with adidas recently announcing the return of the T-Mac 5 shoes in China, it seemed like a good opportunity to take a look back at Tracy McGrady’s adidas sneakers. What most people won’t know is that T-Mac wore a lot more than just his own signature shoes. Click through to see the complete history of his on court sneakers and then some in this comprehensive stroll down T-Mac Memory Lane.

2000 Stars Slam Dunk Contest

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  • Josh K

    The royal blue T-Mac 2 All Star’s were the best, imo. Dope and underrated sig line for sure.

    • Derek Davison

      I agree. I had the T-Mac 2s Black and blue. My junior year, first year of playing varsity in HS. Wore them every practice and game and they held up great and they were a very high performance shoe for the time. They came out long before all the new synthetic light weight materials they use now. Still performed equal to or better than any of the new shoes I’ve played in in the last few years. I play in the Lebron soldier 10s now. They’re ok, but still not as good as my old Macs.

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